Beach Grit

“But after using ’em every day, and then losing ’em in a carpark somewhere, I tap in my credit card numbers and I buy a new set. They’re that good. I hear. I joke. Pals greet me in the water.”
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“SurfEars 3 may save your life”                                                                                                                                                                                 
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stumpy vision

“Despite the heavy and testing conditions SurfEars passed with flying colours and held in place during the entire surf. A double thumbs up from me.”
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theInertia“Say goodbye to water blockage and ear infections!”
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“Insert the plugs and hardly notice that they are in. Forget about them. Go and surf with no worries.”

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ASN text“SurfEars out of Sweden, are designing surf-specific plugs that let sound waves in, while keeping the real waves out.”
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“SurfEars are Well designed, well packaged and with extra sizing options to fit most people.”
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