The Beginning of SurfEars

The SurfEars story begins in southern Sweden, where Christian Dittrich, a dedicated cold-water surfer for over 25 years, faced a significant challenge during a surf trip to Morocco in 2011. A severe ear infection left him deaf in one ear for nearly a week, revealing an ongoing battle. Christian discovered he was dealing with a severe case of Surfer’s ear in both canals. Confronted with the choice of inadequate earplugs, a risky surgery with only temporary relief, or giving up surfing altogether, Christian was determined to find a better solution.

The Challenge with Existing Earplugs

Experimenting with various earplugs on the market led to the conclusion, that wearing them clearly diminished the surfing experience. The inability to hear the environment isolated surfers, hindering communication with fellow wave riders and affecting balance, a critical element for any surfer. Additionally, ill-fitting earplugs often resulted in discomfort and water leakage.

The Formation of SurfEars

With a background in mechanical engineering and experience in designing mobile phones and acoustic materials, Christian, along with a small team of surfing and engineering friends, initiated their mission in southern Sweden. SurfEars was conceived in this early stage, laying the foundation for what would become a revolutionary product for the global surfing community.

Innovation and Design

The earplug project became an all-consuming passion, driving the team to explore countless ideas, concepts, and prototypes. With a 3D printer, an invaluable tool for ideation and testing, they tirelessly crafted new design concepts. The quest for the perfect earplug reached its zenith with the birth of the final design.

The Mission of SurfEars

The objectives were clear, to develop a product that protected ears without compromising hearing and balance. For surfers and water athletes, these senses are indispensable. The vision was to create a product that not only facilitated hearing the world around but also encouraged seamless communication among surfers, preserving a fun and engaging surfing experience. Comfort was non-negotiable; the aim was to design a product so comfortable that users could wear it for hours without a second thought.

Awareness and Prevention

We aspire to help others, raising awareness to prevent ear problems, including common issues like Surfer’s Ear and Swimmer’s Ear. This ensures everyone can savor more valuable moments in the waves. SurfEars is committed to continually evolving and improving, aligning our goals with the shared passion of the water-loving community.

Environmental Commitment

Our profound love for the ocean inspires us to make a minimal footprint in everything we do. We are dedicated to preserve the beauty of the sea, we aim to ensure that every aspect of our work, from creating SurfEars to embracing a sustainable ethos, minimizes our impact on the precious environment we hold dear.

The Growth of SurfEars

In 2020, our team relocated from Malmö to Kåseberga, a small fishing village, drawn by the long right-hander in the harbor and being closer to nature. Solidifying our connection with the very essence of surfing that inspires SurfEars. Today, SurfEars has evolved into more than a surfing companion. Embraced by divers, kayakers, swimmers, and all kinds of water enthusiasts, our community is growing, and that makes us incredibly happy.