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Earplugs for Surfers

Let sound in. Keep water out.
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Earplugs for Divers

Warm and dry ears. Effortless equilisation.
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Earplugs for Kayakers

Impact protection. Noise reduction.
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Earplugs for Swimmers

Sound In. Water Out.
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Kids Earplugs for Kids

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SurfEars: Uncompromised Hearing & Protection for All Water Sports.

Our journey with SurfEars journey began in 2011 when founder Christian Dittrich, a devoted cold-water surfer of 25 years, faced a debilitating ear infection during a surf expedition to Morocco. This setback, caused by surfer’s ear (exostosis), left him partially deaf and disconnected from the waves for nearly a week. Frustrated by the discomfort of conventional earplugs and unwilling to compromise on the joy of hearing the environment, Christian resolved to engineer a better solution.

Drawing on his mechanical engineering expertise and aided by a team of fellow surfers, designers and engineers, Christian embarked on the mission to create the perfect earplug. Intensive brainstorming and countless prototypes eventually led to crafting a revolutionary product that strikes a balance between ear protection and preserving essential senses like hearing and balance.

For well over a decade, our commitment to improving the life of surfers (like ourselves) has driven us to continuously refine our design. Back in 2014, we introduced SurfEars 1.0, a groundbreaking earplug that took the surfing community by storm. But our pursuit of perfection didn’t stop there; it pushed us to transform SurfEars into the remarkable innovation it is today.

What fuels us? A deep love for water sports and technical expertise that propels us to ensure SurfEars remains a cherished companion for surfers, divers, kayakers, kitesurfers, swimmers and many more. Every iteration of our product is meticulously crafted to offer matchless comfort, secure fit and the liberty to fully engage with your surroundings while pursuing your passion.

With more than three decades of combined experience as enthusiastic surfers and product makers, our team embodies a unique fusion of water sports passion and professional expertise. We draw from a wealth of knowledge in product design, engineering, and water-based pursuits to infuse every innovation we craft. 

Our mission goes beyond just crafting the best earplugs. We want to provide an experience beyond the ordinary and way to connect more deeply with your passions, ensuring your comfort and safety while enjoying what you love.

Making Waves in Ear Protection:
Over 500k Plugs Sold Globally.

To learn more about SurfEars and how our products can help water sports enthusiasts, explore your sport community below. Delve into customer reviews, product details and features to uncover how they can elevate your experience while providing state of the art ear protection.