Discovering the magic of cold water dipping!

Discovering the magic of cold water dipping

Hey there from Kåseberga, our cozy surf- and fishing village in the southern slice of Sweden! Winter hits a bit different here – it’s not just about the cold; it’s about conquering the darkness and riding out those looong cold & grey Nordic winters. Cold water dipping, sometimes with sauna! It’s not just a tradition; it’s a lifeline for winter blues.

Meet Karin Lindquist, a cherished member of our SurfEars team since seven years back and an avid cold water dipper. Her love for the ocean led her to a transformative practice that goes beyond the waves—cold water dipping. We asked Karin to delve into her cold water journey, exploring the motivations, routine, and the benefits she’s experienced.

Can you share your first experience with cold water dipping and what motivated you to try?

I have always loved the ocean, and during covid, it became a way of letting things go, to balance myself. So when winter came, I did not want that to end, so I just continued going into the ocean. The reward you get after spending just 1 minute in cold water is like nothing else. Everything becomes clearer; it is like doing a reset of both body and mind.

How has cold water dipping become a part of your routine, and what benefits have you noticed in your life?

I try to do cold water dipping at least once a week; I would love to do it more, but everyday life gets in the way. However, if I stick to once a week, I still get the effect that I need. The biggest benefits to my life are that it is a reset of the body and mind. Everything that felt difficult becomes easier; if I feel low or like nothing goes my way, all this is put in another light after a dip. I can see other ways of looking at things more clearly, and all bad feelings get so much easier to deal with. I have noticed that since I started with the cold water dipping, I get fewer infections. I can also apply the same cold dip focus to other areas in my life that need a more controlled focus.

What advice would you give to someone considering trying cold water dipping for the first time?

Do not think that the dip itself will be a pleasant thing; it is what happens after the dip that holds the magic. It is important to take control and slow down your breathing a few minutes before you go into the water; that way, you will be much more prepared when you actually get into the water. And do not think you have to stay long in the water; just stay long enough for your breathing to slow down.

How do you feel cold water dipping has influenced your mental well-being and resilience?

I think my answers above will answer also this question since that is all, well-being and resilience, is what it is about for me 🙂

Can you share a memorable moment or experience related to cold water dipping that stands out for you?

Since I live in the south of Sweden, I rarely get to take a cold water dip in a hole in the ice (ice weak). So when I was in Åre in the north of Sweden, I did an early morning dip in the lake in the hole in the ice. That was an amazing feeling to have the mountains, the snow, and the rising sun in front of me at the same time as I had the privilege to be very much a part of nature by being surrounded by the cold water. It was a very intense and vitalizing feeling.

Benefits of cold water dipping:

Karin’s journey highlights the transformative power of cold water dipping. Research has shown numerous benefits, including improved circulation, enhanced mood, boosted immune system, and increased mental resilience. 

Here are five proven health benefits of cold water dipping:

Boosted immune system
Cold water dipping stimulates the production of white blood cells, enhancing your immune system’s strength. Say goodbye to winter sniffles and embrace a natural defense boost!

Improved circulation
The shock of cold water kickstarts circulation, promoting efficient blood flow throughout your body. This not only warms you up but also ensures oxygen and nutrients reach your tissues, keeping you energized.

Enhanced mood and mental resilience
A dip in cold water triggers the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones. This, coupled with the mental challenge of braving the cold, fosters mental resilience and leaves you with a mood-boosting afterglow.

Revitalized skin and hair
Cold water is a natural tonic for your skin and hair. It tightens pores, reduces inflammation, and improves overall skin tone. Your hair benefits too, as cold water seals the cuticles, adding shine and strength.

Accelerated muscle recovery
Cold water immersion reduces muscle inflammation and speeds up recovery after intense physical activity. Athletes often use it to alleviate muscle soreness, making it a go-to for a quicker bounce back. (edited) 

While enjoying the invigorating benefits of cold water dipping, it’s crucial to protect your ears. Prolonged exposure to cold water can lead to conditions like surfer’s ear or swimmer’s ear. Wearing SurfEars ear plugs provide essential ear protection, ensuring you can fully embrace the cold without compromising your hearing health.

Karin’s journey inspires us to dive into the transformative world of cold water dipping, reminding us of the beauty and vitality that lie beneath the surface. Join us in celebrating the magic of the chill!

To more cold water adventures,

The SurfEars Team