Exploring Surfer’s Ear: A Short Documentary with Conner Coffin & Dr. Hetzler

In an intimate documentary, pro surfer and SurfEars ambassador Conner Coffin joins forces with Dr. Douglas Hetzler to navigate the waters of Surfer’s ear, a prevalent condition among surfers. Conner shares his personal struggles with ear issues from cold water exposure in Santa Barbara, revealing a significant closure in his right ear.

Dr. Hetzler, a pioneer in less invasive surgeries, has refined a chisel technique that minimizes the risks associated with traditional methods. This approach has helped hundreds avoid the harsher impacts of drill-based surgeries, preserving surfers’ hearing.

The documentary captures their journey, including Coffin’s drive to Santa Cruz, his candid conversations with Dr. Hetzler, and his commitment to ear protection which has effectively halted the condition’s progression.

It’s a deep dive into the significance of ear health for surfers and the innovative solutions keeping them safely in the surf.

Documentary was directed and produced by Jason Baffa.