We went to Cornwall and Devon for our latest ear scan trip and guess what we found…

This year we started our Ear Scan Van Tour in different places around Europe. With our trusty ear camera we have evaluated potential Surfer’s Ear, provided knowledge about ears and hearing health, gathered insights and built relations with both you and all our partners. Our mission now is to do more ear scans globally and be at as many events in surf shops, competitions and other surf events as possible in the future.

Most recently we visited the surf hub in the south of the UK to treat the locals to our ear checks there. UK surfers have been with us from the start and are among our most loyal customers. Obviously we have wanted to visit for a long time to check ears and share some good surf! With a surprisingly nearly 100 year long surf tradition and an impressive 7000 miles of coastline, we found a true surf mecca!

Photo by Yannick Wolff


Driving from Bristol down the narrow roads of Devon and Cornwall to epic surf spots where we were spoiled with friendly line-ups, no crowds and the landscape to surf in was mind-blowing! Localism seemed far away, instead we met happy surf smiles, less lifestyle and more of the real thing! 

Thanks to tradition, good distribution and the many sweet and well equipped surf shops we found that the UK is a cold water surf country where people take good care of their ears. We did find cases of Surfer’s Ear, but we also met a lot of surfers that early in their surfing lives understood that surfing frequently in cold water demands good protection. Many of the amazing surf shops like Down The Line Surf in Hayle, Seven Bay Surf, St. Merryn and Surfed Out in Braunton were real meeting hubs for surfers and the word to mouth tradition might have played a role in preventing Surfer’s Ear for many of the local surfer’s here in the UK! The ear scans around Devon and Cornwall, showed that there are definitely signs of Surfer’s Ear among the local surfer’s here, but a proactive approach of protecting your ears with plugs has paid off for many, as we didn’t see as severe Surfer’s Ear as some of the other places we’ve checked in the past.

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Thank you Devon and Cornwall for hosting us in the best way! We will be back! 

Next up for Ear Checks is Portugal, big wave season is on. We will also be traveling around Australia hitting up local surf shops and events in the coming months!

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