Jon Mann


Meet Jon, Dutch foiling legend and downwind pioneer.

Jon is an engineer, traveller, foiler, and all round water sports fanatic. He’s also one of the few people in the world who has mastered the extremely difficult sport of downwind sup foiling.

He’s been doing watersports passionately since 2014 and caught the foil bug in 2019 as part of a knee rehab from an MCL tear. Ever since then he’s been foil brained and have grown into almost all the foil disciplines! His favourite discipline for now is downwinding (in all forms, wing, prone and sup) and so long as he can arrange a buddy / shuttle will always have his preference.


He first learnt about Surfer’s Ear in 2017 on a trip to Cape Town where he was surprised that (almost) everyone wore these ear plugs. He’d been kiting for 3 years at this point, but having lived in Australia and Brazil with the odd trip to sunny destinations he hadn’t been exposed to much cold water. At first he thought it wasn’t too big of a deal, cold water wasn’t uncomfortable, and it wasn’t until he heard about the treatment for surfers ear that he immediately went to the first place he could find to get some ear plugs which happened to be one of the earlier generations of Surf Ears, a product he still uses to today.

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Photo credits:
Frederique Haver, @freddiegram
Loic Olivier, @loicolivierphoto