How many World Champions wear SurfEars?

It takes some serious talent and one hell of a commitment to become the best at something on this globe. And to officially compete in a sport with a recognised global body and be crowned its World Champion is even more impressive. Some companies are lucky enough to work with World Champions, who in many cases see a use in their products to help them train, compete and recover. However, in modern times it is often hard to get the best athletes, professionals and World Champions to use your product unless you are a globally recognised or multinational company. So it is amazing to think that SurfEars does not only have 1, but 5 current and former World Champions using our product! To add to this we have many other people representing our brand, who are at the top of their game challenging to become World Champions themselves.

The first World Champion to begin using our product was Tom Carroll, who has been part of the SurfEars family for well over 5 years now. Tom was the Men’s Surfing World Champion in 1983/84 and the 1984/85, also featuring several more times in the top 3 throughout his career. Many say Tom deserved more World Titles in a career where he boycotted the South African leg of the tour at the height of apartheid protests and had an interference at the Pipeline Masters, in which he was heading into the event leading the ratings, with it being the final event of the year. Tom is recognised as one of the greatest surfers of all time and is still shredding today in his sixties.


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Tom ripping at his local recently.

2 x Bodyboarding World Champion Pierre-Louis Costes is also rocking SurfEars now, after suffering many ear issues throughout his career. He was actually first acquainted with SurfEars after suffering a ruptured eardrum in the lead up to his 2nd Word Title at a Pipeline event in 2016. Thanks to SurfEars he was able to surf on and claim the World Title, making it his second after claiming it previously in 2011. Pierre-Louis is still a perennial title threat each year, and it won’t be surprising to see him claim a few more in the coming years and keep building his legacy as one of the greatest bodyboarders of all time.


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Pierre-Louis rocking SurfEars. // @armenexpo

A third World Champion, although not officially linked to us, but still using SurfEars and claiming World Titles is Joel Tudor. We were stoked to see Joel rocking SurfEars last year during the heat that claimed him his third World Longboard Title. Joel again proved that age is not a barrier to be the best at something, beating a much younger field to back up his World Titles from 1998 and 2004. The story of how Joel got his SurfEars is a funny one! We actually sent them to his mum who passed them onto him. This also proves that no matter how old you are, your mum will always look out for you, in this case for your ears. Thanks Mum and Joel for rocking SurfEars.

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Joel stylin’ around the time of his first World Title // @tomservaisjr

Adding to this list we also have Kevin Langeree who is a World Champion Freestyle Kiteboarder and Brendan Orton, a World Champion Freestyle Kayaker wearing our plugs! Furthermore, Conner Coffin who finished 4th in the World last year for men’s surfing, Helena Bourdillion who holds 7 freediving world records and Marc Jacobs, a perennial World Title contender in many disciplines of kiteboarding are all rocking SurfEars. We can’t wait to see our World Champions list expand and see which World Champ will be wearing SurfEars next!