Bone growth in Portugal

Recently we visited Portugal to continue the roll out of our ear check campaign, post Covid. We visited a bunch of surf shops in the area around Peniche and Ericeira where we offered free ear checks and also had a van which we used for mobile ear checks up and down the coast.

As a bonus the WSL were running their CT event at Supertubos, whilst we were there, so we were lucky to witness some spectacular surfing and meet up with SurfEars ambassador Conner Coffin. 

Looking back on our week in Portugal we can conclude that this beautiful country, with great surf and friendly people, is also the perfect environment for Surfer’s Ear to develop. This condition, which should not be mistaken for swimmer’s ear, thrives in environments like Portugal’s with a climate warm enough to allow surfing without a hood year round, but cold water and consistent, chilly northern winds, we witnessed a lot of Surfer’s Ear.

During the week we checked a bunch of ears and more often than not, we found some stage of Surfer’s Ear. We have also met with many people who had done the surgery once or several times before, confirming our belief that it’s worth avoiding with plugs!

The trip gave us further confirmation that our ear check concept is something that we will continue to roll out. It’s a great way for us to meet directly with customers and provide people with the tools to recognise and understand the effects of Surfer’s Ear, something we believe is essential! Don’t be afraid to let us know where you would like to see our ear checks in the near future.

Conner After a look into Conner’s ear it was evident that southern California also has conditions for surfer’s ear to develop. However, Christian, the inventor of SurfEars (on the right), still got the price for most closed ear canal.

Nazare Good vibes in Nazare! 

04 Nazare DSC00656_1 04 Nazare DSC00635_1 The Nazare-crew also got some bone growth going.


All photos by Helio Antonio