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Beautiful Horizons
September 22, 2017

Words by John Angiulo, photos by Mark Richardson (above) and  Erik Schwab.  Food. Housing. Transportation. Recreation. Taxes. Bills. Money. These life accessories have a tendency to band together and mount up with distressing frequency. Just as we think we are getting ahead the house needs repairs. The car falls the pieces. The kids need to go to the […]

Kepa Acero getting shacked in Indo
September 21, 2017

Kepa Acero makes what is hard look easy as he tucks into some proper barrels. Shot by Axel Cooper-Williams & Julia Ekström somewhere in a distant Indonesian jungle.  

Freediving with Helena Bourdillon
September 18, 2017

Helena Bourdillon is a competitive freediver and SurfEars Ambassador. With big passion for the sport, she has managed to achieve some impressive results in a relatively short amount of time. Recently she participated in AIDA Individual Depth World Championships in Roatan, Honduras where she accomplished a fifth place overall despite an injured shoulder. (Photo above by Daan Verhoeven) How did you get into […]

Do you have handplane in your quiver?
September 8, 2017

A more diverse quiver will allow you ride more different types of waves. You will be able to spend more time surfing and have more fun, and that’s what it is about! Right? Handplaning, an enhanced version of bodysurfing, allows you get more out of your surf, providing you with long clean rides, allowing you […]

Under an arctic sky – review
August 30, 2017

Under an Arctic Sky, a surf film by Chris Burkard about one of his journeys to Iceland. A group of six surfers (Sam Hammer, Heidar Logi, Elli Thor Magnusson, Ingo Olsen, Timmy Reyes, and Justin Quintal) defy the dark and cold Icelandic winter and sets sail to search for waves along the north west coast […]

A trip across the Baltic Sea
August 27, 2017

I didn’t know there is a Riviera this close! Just a 38-minute flight from home and we were there. When we arrived to the airport in Gdansk, the efficiency continued with the baggage handling and formalities at the car rental service. I’ve rarely experienced more convenient traveling. Despite the short trip from Sweden I could it […]

All Our Waves are Water – Book Review
August 17, 2017

Jaimal Yogis, a surfer, writer and spiritual seeker, takes the reader along on his journey towards enlightenment and barreling waves. All our waves are water is Yogis second memoir (Saltwater Buddha was the first) covering a certain period of his life starting in his early twenties. If you are looking for adventurous surfing and traveling […]