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The surfing family that became a children tale
December 1, 2017

Which surfing parent can honestly say that they don’t like the idea of their children getting into surfing!? Not many I’d say. Filipa Leandro from Portugal is a surfer and mom of three, and she has published a series of books for children based on the surfing experiences of her own family. We loved this […]

Kelly Slater in New Jersey
November 9, 2017

New Jersey surfers saw a unicorn last week. The biggest surprise of the year struck the East Coast October 30th- well, at least in close competition with the September to Remember that went down. The unicorn was none other than 11-time world champ, the GOAT himself, Kelly Slater.  The people at the beach that witnessed […]

The Ocean Doesn’t Care
October 30, 2017

A reminder that surfing is important! A film by Mikey DeTemple with support Huck Magazine and Finisterre.  

The Lights of Lewis
October 18, 2017

A trip to the Outer Hebrides, a collection of islands off Scotland, in search of waves. By Pete Geall. Every Autumn, ten men from the Port of Ness, a small settlement at the far northern tip of the Isle of Lewis, set sail for the remote and uninhabited rock of Sulasgeir. From here they plan to catch […]

Natxo Gonzales finds his dream wave
October 16, 2017

Search and you will find. Here’s Natxo Gonzales scoring a demanding lefthand barrel that he has discovered on Google maps. The location is obviously not given away and the clues are limited. Maybe some Marine biologist can identify those big crabs on the beach? Or maybe we just leave the secret with Natxo and his […]

Beautiful Horizons
September 22, 2017

Words by John Angiulo, photos by Mark Richardson (above) and  Erik Schwab.  Food. Housing. Transportation. Recreation. Taxes. Bills. Money. These life accessories have a tendency to band together and mount up with distressing frequency. Just as we think we are getting ahead the house needs repairs. The car falls the pieces. The kids need to go to the […]

Kepa Acero getting shacked in Indo
September 21, 2017

Kepa Acero makes what is hard look easy as he tucks into some proper barrels. Shot by Axel Cooper-Williams & Julia Ekström somewhere in a distant Indonesian jungle.