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Common Surfer’s Ear Questions
February 12, 2019

Exostosis can be an earful so we decided to simplify some of the common questions among surfers and extreme water athletes…pun intended:  What is Surfer’s Ear? → Surfer’s Ear (Exostosis) is extra bone growth in the ear canal typically caused by the cooling effects of repeated exposure to cold water and wind.  Surfer’s Ear is common […]

Le Chéile
September 13, 2019

We are thrilled to present this video by Kev L. Smith featuring ambassador Ollie O’Flaherty in Lahinch, Ireland. Without further ado this is Le Chéile ( means together in Irish). Did you like what you just saw? Le Chéile is up in “the shorties” at London Surf Film Festival, show your support and give it your vote here!

Wild Child
August 26, 2019

The west coast of Ireland can be cold, windy and rough, but damn it can be beautiful too, and no-one captures its beauty better than George Karbus. In this video his nine-year-old son Joshua shows how wonderful life can be in Ireland. 

Have you heard about the ear cam?
August 23, 2019

After twenty years or so of surfing, I was nearly deaf. My friends basically referred to me as “What” because my inevitable response to everything they said to me was, “What?”  I was around twenty-five.  It was then that I tried SurfEars. I had already like them but after being dragged underwater for hundred yards […]

Surfing might have been around much longer than we thought
August 16, 2019

A recent study made by a team of scientists from the US and France,  studied the skulls from 77 of Neanderthals and found that almost half of them had Surfer’s Ear! The Neanderthals, or Homo Neanderthalensis is an extinct close relative to Homo Sapiens (humans), that lived in Europe and Asia 400 000 to 40 […]

The waves of my life at Skeleton Bay
August 6, 2019

So basically I was waiting for the last 5 years to surf this wave and I check the charts every week when it’s winter in the southern hemisphere and last week a big storm with unusual direction popped up . I waited until 2 days before the swell to book the flights to be sure, the […]

Ultimate Freedom Part III: This is Africa
July 19, 2019

While typing these lines I’m leaning back in seat 33E on United Airlines flight UA114 from Tahiti/French Polynesia to San Francisco/USA and just ordered my second Gin Tonic while the sun is rising between the clouds somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. You might think: wait – in the last blog post you´ve written about crossing […]

SurfEars for Freediving
July 5, 2019

Cover Photo: Annelie Pompe As a child I used to suffer badly with ear problems, a fact that I am reminded of when any doctor looks in my ear and exclaims at the amount of scar tissue there is.  During my childhood I was regularly out of the water due to ear infections which was […]