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Common Surfer’s Ear Questions
February 11, 2019

Exostosis can be an earful so we decided to simplify some of the common questions among surfers and extreme water athletes…pun intended:  What is Surfer’s Ear? → Surfer’s Ear (Exostosis) is extra bone growth in the ear canal typically caused by the cooling effects of repeated exposure to cold water and wind.  Surfer’s Ear is […]

Ultimate Freedom Part II: The Road to Africa
December 19, 2018

 In the last part , we gave you a small insight in our previous lives, the preparations of our trip and the ups and downs of living on the road in a twenty-year-old English car with your significant other.  I want to tell you a bit more about our journey towards Africa that brought us through the […]

Breakdown to the Showdown
December 6, 2018

Photo above by Timo Jarvinen. Historically at Surf Ears, we are not strictly competitive surf-crazed fans, biting on our nails every time the next WSL event draws near. To be honest we probably get more of a kick out of some unknown surfer doing a serious hack in the pocket of an unknown wave off […]

Jaw dropping week in Hawaii
November 29, 2018

Photo above by Austin Moore. Waimea Bay. What a week of surfing! Wait we shouldn’t even say “a week”. In just the last three days we’ve seen some groundbreaking surfing and history go down around the world. Well, mainly the small islands of Hawaii. Let’s start with golden girl Stephanie Gilmore, who notched up her 7th world title […]

Ultimate Freedom: Traveling the world in a 4×4 Land Rover
November 18, 2018

Meet Jens. He quit his job, surfs, and lives out of a 4×4 Land Rover with his girlfriend, Julia. More than one year ago he decided to get rid of his daily life routine to start something completely new. He quit his solid full-time job, sold almost all his belongings (except surfboards and cameras) and […]

The Torchbearers, the nutjobs and the misfits.
October 11, 2018

It’s not the first time we post something about Ireland on this blog, our love for their wild Atlantic coastline is no secret.  Made in Ireland, is a three part series produced by Red Bull featuring many of Ireland’s key surfing figures including SurfEars ambassadors Conor Maguire, Barry Mottershead and Ollie O’Flaherty. The videos give good insight to the Irish […]

Doctor Douglas Hetzler – The Kelly Slater of Surfer’s Ear Surgery
October 4, 2018

A few of us from the SurfEars team took a quick trip to the United Kingdom last week to meet with the legendary Doctor Douglas Hetzler from Santa Cruz, California. We were fortunate enough to catch him during the 2018 Surfing Medicine International – World  Conference in Newquay, Cornwall. Dr. Hetzler is definitely one of […]