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Irish beauty and an extraordinary friendship
June 29, 2018

George Karbus is a wildlife, water and landscape photographer based in County Clare on the Irish west coast. Freediving with his camera he has a truly mind-blowing portfolio witnessing of many close encounters with ocean wildlife. After spending a lot of time with a local dolphin, George has developed a good understanding of animal behavior […]

Jordan made the ocean his office
June 11, 2018

Last year in April Jordan Godley left his job as an accountant to follow his passion and spend all his time as a photographer. A bold move that many dream about or consider, but only a few goes through with. Jordan, what was your considerations and what made you take the step to quit your […]

UnReality Check
May 30, 2018

Words by John Angiulo. Photos by Jonathan Nimerfroh.  I’m sitting underneath a palapa (wood and palm leaf hut) on the beach in Mexico. A left point break sits in front of me and the waves warble in the now onshore wind but still hold an alluring shape. I’m with five friends and we are awaiting the […]

Mexi Log Fest: A Cooperative Competition
May 24, 2018

Words by John Angiulo. Photos by Jonathan Nimerfroh.  Loggin is a subculture within surfing. Like all subcultures it has its own style, sensibilities, power players, fans, haters and legends. In case you don’t know, loggin is riding a heavily glassed single fin longboard. Good loggin is done with style, personal flair, technical mastery and undeniable flow. […]

Ear bones growing at high pace in Ireland
May 18, 2018

Shore shots, an Irish surf festival is held yearly in Sligo on the north east part of the country. It’s a weekend packed with video screenings, seminars and on-stage interviews mixed up with music and art. Also, a great excuse to visit the region that probably get more good surf than anywhere else in Ireland. […]

The Upside of Down
May 3, 2018

Words by John Angiulo. There is no up without down. When we realize we are traveling around a world in space where down just leads to another up and up leads into space, up can really be a down and down can lead right into up.  And in a world filled with downs, it’s important […]

Go Surf Africa
April 12, 2018

Words by Mads from Photos by Liam Kirrkamm.  South America and South East Asia are favorites for surf trips for surfers around the globe. However, as a surf destination Africa has not been discovered – yet. Consistent swells from the North and South Atlantic Ocean as well as the Indian Ocean serve up great opportunities […]