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All Our Waves are Water – Book Review
August 17, 2017

Jaimal Yogis, a surfer, writer and spiritual seeker, takes the reader along on his journey towards enlightenment and barreling waves. All our waves are water is Yogis second memoir (Saltwater Buddha was the first) covering a certain period of his life starting in his early twenties. If you are looking for adventurous surfing and traveling […]

Keep the senses clear
July 6, 2017

Words by Brandon Rasman, BKIN, MSc. Photo above: Ana Catarina Teles “Vertigo” episodes in the surf Every surfer knows the feeling when the ocean shows it’s the boss. Waves are our source of happiness, passion and thrill, but also act as instruments of physical and mental punishment. Sometimes we get taken for a beating – tumbled over […]

The Seawolf – Trailer
June 14, 2017

This trailer for the upcoming movie “The Seawolf” by Ben Gulliver, hints that there is reason for excitement. It’s all about cold water and we’ll get to follow  8 surfers on a two-year journey around the globe. Ben Gulliver, the says that it will be more about surfing than the adventure of exploring in the cold. The surfers […]

Mad Symmetry
June 1, 2017

Eye Symmetry Surfboards and Monster Children sent Tom Carroll and Oscar Langburne, a 14 years old from with a style way beyond his age, to the North Island New Zealand where they surfed on surfboards with artwork by MadSteez. Eye Symmetry – Monster Children

So Irish!
May 11, 2017

Ireland – often come secondary to the Portugal and the Basque country when it comes to European surf destinations, arguably due to water temperature rather than wave quality. We were invited to be a part of the Shore Shots Festival 2017. That was it, our chance to take a glimpse at the Irish surfing culture, […]

Frodes Garden
May 9, 2017

Frode Goa is fortunate to have one of Norways premier surf spots basically in his garden, and there is no doubt that he’s making the most of it. As soon as the wave break you can count on him being out there and not too rarely, all by him self! The following edit, named “the Garden”, […]

Green Foam In the Brown Room
April 24, 2017

Words by John Angiulo. Photos by Eric Schwab and Mike Nelson. The tube, the hollow, cylindrical recesses of liquid waves, has often been referred to as the green room. However, I live on Long Island and for the majority of my life that hallowed room has been a brown one. Sure, when the light shines through […]