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Surfers Are Stubborn!
December 15, 2022

Since surfing popped into mainstream culture about 50 or 60 years ago, there has always been an idea that surfers are easy going, down to earth and relaxed, which is true in many cases. These characteristics were in part embedded in surfing’s roots by its forefather in Polynesia and passed on to surfers globally when […]

Ear talk with SurfEars inventor
September 20, 2022

Hi, could you tell us a bit about yourself, the business and your role within it? My name is Christian Dittrich, 44 years and living on the south coast of Sweden. I’ve been passionate about water sports since young age and spent over thirty years surfing, windsurfing, kiting and since recently foiling the cold waters […]

A surf community in Sierra Leone needs your help!
July 21, 2022

Donate to the Bureh Beach Surf Club and Community here: Warm water, fun waves, tropical weather, friendly people and good vibes! That is usually a standard checklist most people tick off before deciding which place they want to go on their next surf adventure. Despite this, the vast majority of surfers would not go close […]

Does hustling in the surf make it more enjoyable?
April 27, 2022

Surfer’s are a greedy breed. When your everyday surfer hits the line-up, they are usually hellbent on getting as many waves as physically possible within ‘their’ session. So greedy are surfer’s that they usually don’t celebrate or tilt their hat to a fellow surfer or friend when they are taking off on a nice looking […]

Bone growth in Portugal
March 23, 2022

Recently we visited Portugal to continue the roll out of our ear check campaign, post Covid. We visited a bunch of surf shops in the area around Peniche and Ericeira where we offered free ear checks and also had a van which we used for mobile ear checks up and down the coast. As a […]

How many World Champions wear SurfEars?
March 17, 2022

It takes some serious talent and one hell of a commitment to become the best at something on this globe. And to officially compete in a sport with a recognised global body and be crowned its World Champion is even more impressive. Some companies are lucky enough to work with World Champions, who in many […]