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Tenerife Gigante
February 10, 2017

The very north tip of Tenerife is well exposed for any northern atlantic swell with several points breaking over the black lava rocks. On January 28th a big swell was reaching the island and Germán Pinelo was capturing this great footage of the big wave crew that was out:

Surfing in Iceland
January 29, 2017

Iceland, the big island in the northeast Atlantic with almost 5000 km (3000 miles) mostly still unsurfed coastline, have emerged as a destination for adventurous surfers. We had a chat with local surfer Ingó Olsen an early pioneer for surfing in Iceland and founder of Arctic Surfers. (Photos by Chris Burkard) How did you get […]

Scottish slabs
January 28, 2017

SurfEars ambassador Alan Stokes went to Scotland and totally scored on a cold righthand slab. Tomorrow’s dawn presented by Animal Wetsuits:  

Cape Wrath
January 18, 2017

Words by Pete Geall: “Aerial bombardment Sir, are you familiar with it?” Cape Wrath, is not for the faint of heart. Located in the far north-westerly extremity of the United Kingdom, it is an expansive area covering 277 square kilometres of wild, unforgiving moorland.  The Vikings used the Cape as a bearing to turn their […]

The Year of a World Champ
December 22, 2016

Pierre Louis Costes started of the season with a win at Pipeline. After a strong finish with a win at Nazaré and a second place at the final event on Gran Canaria he was crowned world champion for the 2nd time. Here’s summary of his year:

A day on The Hill
December 13, 2016

Words by Adam Callahan: My day starts at 6am. I wake to the smell of brewing Sumatran coffee, the sounds of jungle birds and see waves breaking out the front. After checking with the surf guide what time the first boat will be departing to chase waves further afield, I get the go ahead to […]

Log-riding and Coffee roasting in Nova Scotia
December 7, 2016

Dean Petty lives in a little house by the ocean in Nova Scotia with some of the best surf breaks of the area in his backyard. He owns a coffee roastary called Anchored Coffee and has his own signature Bing surfboard- called the Bueno life. (All photos by @johntocallaghan) Where did you grow up and what was it like growing up […]