George Karbus

Wild ocean photographer, Lahinch, Ireland

I’m a wildlife, water and landscape photographer based on the west coast of Ireland. I focus on wild marine mammals, big waves, surf photography and beautifully lit coastal scenery’s.

“I try to capture beauties of our fragile world and show everyone the real treasures of life. It may inspire people to live in harmony with nature.”

Good earplugs are essential equipment for every cold water surfer and waterman. For last 13 years I have been surfing, SUPing, freediving and chasing marine mammals almost every day. I end up with an early stage surfers ear on my left side and I wish I could start protecting my ears much earlier than last few years. Every time I forgot to take my earplugs I can feel my ear in next few days. Message to young surfers: don’t underestimate your ears protection, wear earplugs and hoodie all the time.