Ryan Pernofski

Photographer, Ulladulla, NSW, Australia


Ryan Pernofski originally began water photography with an old Lifeproof-case & his iPhone 4 early one morning in 2013 & seemingly hasn’t left the ocean since! He grew up surfing the world-class waves on the South East Coast of Australia & brought the understanding of the surf & swell conditions to his photography. His wave videos & photographs have been shared around quite a lot with his Vine videos being “looped” more than 120,000,000 times.

“I have spent a lot of time in the water over the years & actually had lots of trouble with my ears also including busting my right ear drums many times while surfing. And so as a result now I can’t go in the water without ear plugs! I discovered SurfEars last year & loved the freeing feeling of having them in. They are super light, you can still talk to your friends (without constantly saying “huh”?!) & my ears are kept safe from the elements! :)”