Jack Ledwith

Kayaker, Leitrim, Ireland

I have been kayaking for 5 years. I started competing 3 years ago. This past year I have competed in many different disciplines over many different levels of competitiveness. Ranging from local slalom competitions where I led the junior division two category for the past year,i finished 4th over all out of 300 people in the SAS Hurley classic, the junior and senior liffey descents (where i broke my foot 15km into the 30km race and still finished) where I finished first in both in the under eighteen categories, to the World Kayak Freestyle Championships in Ottawa, Canada where I finished 18th in junior k1 category. Just last week i qualified for the Irish national kayak freestyle team for the second year in a row (C1 for 2016).

After a bad earache while paddling in Canada due to a loss of low quality ear plugs i’ve tried a large aray of different brands and none of them compared with the sure fit and comfort of the SurfEars ear plug.