Photo credits:

Photos #1-3 Sammy Garcia, #4 Tyler Belko, #5-6 Sean Gravem

Sammy Garcia

Ocean Photographer, Surfer and Bodyboarder, Santa Cruz, California

As a young resourceful Artist Sammy Garcia started at age 5 drawing with crayon, pencil, chalk on any available surface. Two years later he was chosen to attend a private Art School in the Philippines where he was born and raised. Armed with natural abilities, he found great comfort in swimming that helped change his health and life with asthma. A relationship with Art and Water is like Breathing.
He immigrated to Santa Cruz, California at 14 and immediately fell for the local beach life. Can we blame him? After all, we’re Sea dwelling creatures at heart. He was frequently seen at the local waters as a Bodyboarder, Life Guard, Swimming Instructor and explored many hidden and popular surf spots in California and Hawaii with friends collecting memories from behind the lens. Granted with another Art Scholarship; Creativity evolved and naturally progressed quickly gaining much praise from peers for impressive Work-Ethics, Energy, and Passion. He became known as an Artist and Waterman in the local community.
A unique style and versatility in the water earned him recognition and a seat in Pro Bodyboarding. The Sport and Art he loves become a constant balancing act until he found his talent and place in Ocean Photography.
The admiration for majestic powerful Waves never fade with his Artistic sense, keen perspective, curious blend of natural light, shape, and color; Playing with the rules to make new technology work for his own style of image composition in great detail.
He hopes for better understanding and preservation of our shores; Sharing and Inspiring Everyone to capture magical moments carrying us steps to the sands edge; Our Waters.

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