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Brendan Pieterse

Brendan Pieterse

Photographer, Cape Town, South Africa

So my passion for photography started in my early year. My father is a professional photographer, so growing up there was always a camera around to play and experiment with. I always loved shooting as a grom and and from there it was just fait I guess. I shoot a lot of surf but I wouldn’t classify my self as a “surf photographer”, I would rather say that my passion is Action Sports, Lifestyle and travel photography. In saying that the ocean has defiantly played a big in my photography so far and has opened so may new doors in my life and I have made some really good friends and have meet some great people along the way. The reason I enjoy shooting surf so much is the fact there are so many exciting elements that you can play with in and out the water and so many ways you can express your work through it as a photographer. For me my goal as a photographer is not to replicate the same image as the next person, but to express myself in whatever I’m shooting as I see it and feel it, and of cause to have as much fun along the way doing it.

What do I think of SurfEars? I love them, I never go into the water with out them. Living here in Cape Town you need to protect your ears from the elements. I have used other plugs in the past and they have nothing on SurfEars, With new 2.0’s my hearing is basically at 100% while wearing them and they are extremely comfortable, also they block the freezing cold water of the atlantic ocean rushing into your ears!

Brendan in ZigZag