Luke Partridge

Kayaker, Scotland

Hi! I’m Luke, i work as a freelance outdoor instructor, photographer and kayak coach based in the highlands of Scotland. I’m passionate about the outdoors, especially whitewater kayaking, and count myself so fortunate that it takes me to some amazing places. I’ve been kayaking since i was pretty young, and have been lucky enough to venture all over Europe and Nepal (with Canada on the immediate radar!). Pushing it on scary whitewater is all well and good, but really the thing i love is the people you meet along the way, and the amazing memories that adventure sport creates.

It’s not just surfers that get surfers ear! For me these are such a great product, not only to protect my ears, but I’m amazed at how well you can hear through them! I can easily hold a conversation, something that is really important to be able to do when i’m coaching and working!