Photo credits:

Gregor John, Nika Kramer and Naim Chidiac

Anke Brandt

Kiteboarder, Germany

I have been going with the wind since I was born. From sailing holidays with my family over optimist races to racing 420er Sailboats. I have a passion for wind and water. It came only naturally that I couldn’t resist and picked up a kite for the first time in 2009 in New Zealand. Since then I never looked back and started to work my way up in 2013 in the Kitesurf World ranking and setting a World Record in 2014 for the longest distance Kitesurfed by a female nonstop, raising money for Wings for life.

I am running a small kitesurf school in Bahrain.

I won my first pair of SurfEarsin the competition Red Bull Battle of the Sund and would not ever give them away again! They saved my ears from a chronic infection I carried around for a year. Since I used you SurfEars I am healed!