Jason Baffa

Filmmaker, Santa Barbara, CA

Filmmaker Jason Baffa is known for a body of work that brings to life soulful visual explorations through unique characters and timeless production value. Noted by the surf-world as a “modern master,” his powerful imagery and emphasis on emotional stories has built a niche in independent film garnering worldwide praise. His award winning feature films include, “Bella Vita” 2014, “One California Day” 2007, “Singlefin: yellow” 2004. Truly in love with his craft, Baffa stays busy with commercial directing work for Farm League, freelance-shooting and producing new independent feature film projects. His still photography work has been featured in Surfer Magazine, Surfing Magazine, Blue, Nalu and Foam Symmetry.

We are stoked to have Jason as an ambassador, and this is what he said about SurfEars:

“I have suffered swimming related ear problems since my pre-teens with ear infections being a constant nuisance. In early 2000 i had my first “surfers-ear” surgery removing the exostosis in my right ear. Earplugs were recommended by my doctors moving forward but I was never able to find a plug system that worked for me. The plugs either fell out in heavy surf, leaked water in, or worse, blocked so much sound that my balance felt off. I found that in general, ear-plugs impeded my balance and ability to surf well (or at least what i hope is surfing well). Currently, my exostosis has returned and I need to have surgery in both ears. The openings in my ears are so small that any tiny amount of water that gets in, gets trapped inside. This results in constantly clogged ears and persistent ear infections. During this amazing 2016 winter of solid west-swell in Santa Barbara, I missed about 6 weeks due to ear infection. And then, i found SurfEars. SurfEars are the first product I’ve found that does what I need. They block water entry, they stay in and they allow me to hear! This product is life changing for me, as a guy who just wouldn’t wear ear-plugs (even knowing the negative consequences), I now have a set of plugs that work – and I’m happy to wear them. Thank you SurfEars. I will still need surgery in the coming months but I know I have a great resource in my quiver moving forward.”


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