Photo credits:

Annelie Pompe (#1), Alex St Jean (#2,3,4 & 7) and Daan Verhoeven (#5 & 6)

Helena Bourdillon

Freediver, London, UK

I grew up in London and was a water baby from the beginning, spending as much time as possible in various swimming pools. I started scuba diving aged 12 and enjoyed it for many years but always found it to be a bit noisy and cumbersome. In 2013 I found freediving and it was love at first dive thanks to the peace and tranquility of the underwater world. So far, I have represented the UK at 2 AIDA Individual Depth World Championships. In 2015, I placed 10th overall and in 2017, I placed 5th overall. I spend around 8 months of the year training depth, mostly in Dahab in Egypt but have been lucky enough to freedive in the Philippines and the Caribbean too. I love both the physical and mental side of freediving and look forward to consistently increasing my depths over the coming years.

All my life I have been plagued with ear infections and have had to use medical ear-drops up to 4x a week to treat them.  Now, thanks to SurfEars, I might only have to use them 2x a month! I’m so happy that I don’t require medication so regularly now, and the added bonus is that I can hear the official countdown to the start of my dives properly!