Photo credits:

Ross Walker

Ross Walker

Photographer, Durban, South Africa

Ross Walker has had a passion for the ocean since he was very young, and for as long as he can remember, he has loved taking photos and capturing timeless moments. He started off taking photos in the ocean with his GoPro until he got his hands on a DSLR, which although stuck on the land, still enabled him to take photos of the ocean and surfers. Ross has always loved exploring and started capturing landscapes and the beauty of nature. “Explore the unknown” is what he always says! Behind the lens, he started to open up his mind to different ideas and use interesting angles to capture things they had either never been seen before from that perspective, or even things that people saw in their everyday lives but just hadn’t noticed.

Ross moved onto taking portraits to add to his growing repertoire, but this still left him feeling as if there was so much more to achieve. Without a water housing he was unable to make the most of the creative freedom that his DSLR could give him. After much research, he came across a brand called Brother Housings who provide waterproof housings for DSLR’s in South Africa. He didn’t waste any time to get in contact with them and once he did, he was left in a state of extreme supense and excitement to get his hands on his purchase! A couple of weeks later he received his housing and he immediately raced off to the beach and swam out into the ocean to see what it could do! Brother Housings have given him great support ever since! Ross believes they sell the best water housings around and on top of this, offer amazing service too! Finally Ross is back in the ocean where he belongs, and continues to capture every moment and grab hold of every adventure he possible can! Ross’ motto in life goes something like this:

“You will never have been everywhere – there will always be somewhere unseen and unexplored somewhere in the world. So go and discover that unknown. I am, thanks to the support of SurfEars, Brother Housings, and my family and friends.” GO EXPLORE!

Since a young age I have battled with water in my ears, I used to sit with those silicone earplugs that you had to squish in your ears and then having some of it stuck behind when you tried to take them out. So when I got my hands on a pair of SurfEars i was very stoked i didnt have that struggle anymore.