Trip to the Great Lakes of Canada

The new chronicle by our ambassador Aurelien Bouche-Pillon who takes us to Lake Huron in northern Canada (photos by Ryan Osman):

Every year I go to Kincardine in northern Canada on Lake Huron. Six car hours to reach the spot, but It is a journey with great excitement!

So Here I am. The cold slowly begins to settle and the winds are violent. Crossing  the border between Canada and the United States always adds a  little spice to the adventure even if customs officials are puzzled over the fact that I can surf on a lake. 14889875_10210232167336259_8062271082248539980_o

When I arrived on the spot of Kincardine, waves begin to break and I feel the adrenaline rising gradually. I will stay three days and two nights to fully enjoy. My friends who owns a surf shop in the area greets me warmly. The next day the waves were bigger, but they are not as clean and long as I had hoped. The sky and the colors are gorgeous.

I surf many hours rights and lefts with a large group of surfers. I found the atmosphere to be warm in the line-up: the majority of surfers come from  Toronto and through social networks most of us are friends. This time I met Ryan on the pier taking pictures. He like me speaks French, what a surprise!

The trip ends. Here I am back in the US, and the winter is promising: severe storms is expected to be coming very soon !

Aloha from the Great lakes

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