Sine gives you alerts and forecasts for your secret spots

Some people are fortunate enough to have waves in their backyard. Some of us like myself don’t and we have to rely on forecasts, which we usually check several times every day. It’s time consuming but necessary in order to be at the right place when a swell hits the coast. Now there is new solution available called Sine. Sine is a new surf app where you can add your own secret spots to get smart forecasts and set up surf alarms. We have tested the app and are impressed! We decided to have a chat with Per Sunesson, one of the creators of the app:

What is your background and how did you come up with the idea to create Sine?

I have been surfing for a long time. With that we discovered more and more places to surf that not many people knew about. I wanted to save all this information in one place without sharing it with the entire Internet but still be able to access forecasts for those specific spots. That’s when we decided to create the app.

I am also a forecast junkie and being able to set up surf alarms for your own special conditions for each spot is a great comfort. I know that I won’t miss anything if I happen to be away from the forecasts a couple of days.

Can we trust that the data we enter about our secret spots remain secret?

Well, since it is the main feature of the app it would not be so wise if we started to spread information about other people secret spots. There has to be an element of trust. Perhaps knowing that we too are surfers guarding our own secret spots might help.

What has the responses on the app been so far?

Great! We got more than a thousand downloads in the first three days. Surfers are very protective of their secret spots so it feels good to offer them an alternative where they do not have to expose their spots to the public to get a great forecast and surf alarm service. We have been talking to a lot of surfers before building the app so we had a pretty good idea about what they would put on top of their wish list for a surf app. I think they noticed that we have listened to them.

What is your personal relation to surfing?

I have not experienced anything as addictive as surfing. The anticipation when getting closer to the spot. Learning about how the ocean behave and experiencing wildlife from the water. The kick from completing a good ride. It is pretty much the whole package.


The app is free and ad-free, and available for iPhone and Android.