SurfEars 2.0

We already had, what in our opinion was the best ear plugs for surfers out there, but we still believed we could make them better. We are stoked about how our new SurfEars 2.0 turned out. Read more about the improvements we have made below.

Now with Leash

We listened to our customers, and SurfEars 2.0 comes with an optional leash. No more lost plugs, period. IMG_9071


SurfEars® 2.0 lets even more sound through.

Re-engineering the fixation between bud and core, we’ve managed to increase the area of the sound channel with a whopping 72%, and the surface area of the acoustic mesh with 32%.

The result: better hearing and balance for you as a surfer.

Improved fit

Increasing the number of contact points from the wing to your ear, we’ve been able to achieve an even more secure fit.


We’ve redesigned the ear bud for improved water seal and increased comfort for long sessions on the water.

Shortening the intrusion depth and adding the possibility to adjust the bud in/out of your ear, we’ve made it possible also for people with severe surfer’s ear to wear the plugs.


SurfEars can be customized to fit your ears perfectly. One set includes:

  • 2x sizes of wings,
  • 3x sizes of buds and
  • 1x leash.

We’ve also included a handy storage case so you won’t loose them.