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We love when people who are using SurfEars write to us from around the world and tell us what they think about our ear plugs. Below are three reviews from three different corners of the world. 


“I’ve been surfing for twenty-two years now and just about the only negative side to that lifestyle is how bad my hearing has deteriorated. At twenty-six I could lose my hearing as bad as a guy who’d put in decades more time than me, by just doing a few duck dives. It affected my business, my surfing and my everyday life. I was constantly on the lookout for an affordable quality solution and when I sampled SurfEars, I knew I’d found it.

I’ve never been so impressed with an earplug and so relieved by surf product. For the first time in years I can take dozens of waves on the head and not go deaf. For the first time in years I can just go swimming and not go deaf.  I seriously suggest them for anyone who already has ear problems and for anyone who wants to safely and comfortably prevent ear problems in the future. After all, it’s your hearing and balance that are at stake, and SurfEars will protect them. “
-John Angiulo, Professional Surf Mentor, Montauk NY, USA


“I am using ear plugs every surf session since 15 years. I got two inflammations in the auditory meatus very close in time after surfing many days in a row. A surfer from South Africa gave me the advice to use plugs, which I have done ever since. I have tested many different plugs over the years but have had problems with bad fitting, long time durability and hearing. SurfEars are the only plug I have tested that solves all these issues. I have now used SurfEars in hundreds of surf sessions during 2 years and they still work fine. I windsurf, kite surf, sup surf and regular surfing all year round, mostly in cold Scandinavian waters but also in tropical temperatures.”
-Magnus Wengelin, Halmstad, Sweden


“SurfEars have improved the quality of surfing for me and my time out in the water. Before using Surf Ears, I started getting the effects of surfers ear with water getting stuck in my ears for over a week. I started to use regular ear plugs but they made the surf experience less enjoyable because I couldn’t hear or talk to anyone and they would always fall off. SurfEars fixed that problem because I can now hear, talk to friends and on the rare occasion they fall out the tether saves them. This innovative product fills a previously unmet need in the surf industry and I recommend it to any waterman.”
-Charles M., author at Fin Bin, San Clemente CA, USA

“I was fortunate enough to be gifted some of your wonderful earplugs from a clinic called Ear Health located in Paraparaumu NZ. From what I was told they were given to the clinic from a rep of yours called Leroy Rust. I would just like to say how much I appreciate these wonderful plugs. I no longer have to fill my ears with bluetak. They are by far the best earplugs I have tried. The ability to hear well in the surf is a valuable thing but to have protection and hearing is priceless. Please thank Leroy and your team for the opportunity to use these plugs. Much appreciated. I will spread the word.”
-Abe Romeril, Paekakariki, New Zealand


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Photo: Shann Glasson