Nikidora – the young logger

Video and photos by Omar Suárez –

Nicolas Garcia from Asturias in Northern Spain is not the average grom. Instead of launching airs and going vertical, for Nico, it’s more about style and traditional surf craft. We reached out Nico and asked him some questions:

When did you start surfing and how did it start?
I learned with my father at the age of 7, with a softboard on the shore break.

Has it always been longboards and retro boards for you?
Yes, my surfboards are almost all classic, long singles, a fish twin that I love, I also have a trusther that I like, but it does not have the flow of a classic surfboard.
But my log is what I feel most comfortable with and therefore surf better. Since I was little I’ve been surrounded by longboarders and their logs. I learned with my father and his friends and now I think the logging is my way, although I will always surf with all kinds of different surfboards!

nico posee2

Many people see surfing as a sport, some as an art, others as a culture and so forth. How do you view surfing? 
I see it as a way to have fun and a way of life!

Your nickname, Nikidora, how did that come along? Is Miki Dora an inspiration for you? 
That nickname was given to me by a friend, Marta Berrenguer. Joke after joke and the nikename NIKIDORA stuck. It refers to MIKI DORA, but the only thing that inspires me about this guy, is his surfing, not his personality.

Are there other surfers that you look up to? 
There are many surfers that I like! I love when I seeing CJ Nelson surfing in the videos. I was lucky to meet him in person and his personality and charisma impacted me, the penalty is the language barrier that limited me, I have to learn more English!

I also like Corey Colapinto, a lot of style and he does amazing things with his board. I also follow Andy Nibbles, he’s like a juggler on his log. Another special surfer for me is Miguel Sample. I surfed a lot of hours with him, he has always been a teacher for me. And I could mention many more but we would end up with a very long list!

What have been the highlights of your surf life so far? 

Surfing has always been my fun, I have met many interesting people, I have traveled and surfed the best European waves and I have gone and enjoyed all the surfing festivals I have been to. Now I want to change the ocean and I want to go to California and surf its beaches.

nico pies juntos otra toma

Thank you Surfears for this interview and for taking care of my ears !