Lake surfing with Aurelien

Hi Aurelien! Shooting a video project like this on the lakes must be pretty challenging with inconsistent surf and short swell windows? How was it and what challenges did you run into?

It took one year and half! The lakes are so fickle. Even with all the knowledge we never know what to expect. Last year the water levels were abnormally high due to heavy rain which was not good for the waves. The very very cold air this year froze the lakes too soon. It was not easy!

For how long have you been surfing on the Lakes?

About 10 years, and I have really travelled and explored all over and learned as much as I could in the lakes, both in on the US side and Canada.

How’d you first get into surfing? Did you surf back in France as well?

I surfed a lot in Biarritz in the salty waters!

Do you have a Quote to live by!?

Think out of the box and build your dreams if not you will build someone else’s dreams.

Video about  Aurélien Bouché-Pillon.
Director: Sullivan Slentz
Director of Photography: Aaron Gordon
Editor: Sullivan Slentz
Sound Design: Ryan Meadows
A Camera Operators: Clay Odell, Dave Maslyn
B Camera Operators: Sullivan Slentz, Corey Scibilia
Grip / Gaffe: Tim Limner, Chuck Moran
Music: Jeremy Bittle, Sullivan Slentz


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