Go Surf Africa

Words by Mads from gosurfafrica.com. Photos by Liam Kirrkamm

South America and South East Asia are favorites for surf trips for surfers around the globe. However, as a surf destination Africa has not been discovered – yet. Consistent swells from the North and South Atlantic Ocean as well as the Indian Ocean serve up great opportunities all year along the African coastline.

Sure, Morocco and South Africa are destinations well known for the travelling surfer, but every bit of coastline in between are to be further explored for great surf and empty line-ups. Maybe by you?

Your first stop in Africa could very well be Senegal. Just like it was for Mike Hynson and Robert August when they arrived as the first surfers in Dakar in the 60s when making the now cult surf movie “The Endless Summer”.

This winter Liam Kirrkamm visited Senegal and took these shots. For more information on surf travels to Africa, please go to www.GoSurfAfrica.com.

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