Photo credits:

Jaredd Bell, Ted Lewis

David Taylor

Surfer, journalist, photographer, epidemiologist, and physician assistant student, Beaufort, NC

I am from a small rural town on the East Coast of the United States- Beaufort, North Carolina. I grew up a son of two photojournalists who were avid sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, and skiing enthusiasts. That being said, I believe there is a genetic predisposition that draws me to the ocean. I have been surfing for 16 years and competing for 15. In those 15 I have won a few East Coast Championships, Regional Championships, and have won the Iron Man Award for winning the largest amount of divisions both in longboard and shortboard. However, this does not mean anything to me in comparison to the time I have spent traveling and engrossing myself into other cultures. There are many exhilarating stories to tell but none brings back as fond of memories as spending a month driving around Ireland with my bride in a Volkswagen van, hiking, surfing, exploring, with only a road map and some money and cloths. This is the trip that sparked my inner photojournalist. (Read more about the trip here). At the current time I am still taking pictures and writing for my own website, working on publishing a book, and studying medicine as a full-time student. I only get to surf about once a week these days since I am studying more than ever, but when I do get to surf I push my personal limits, usually somehow score great waves (maybe my standards are just lower), and get more out of it than ever before. I hope to carry this mindset and passion into not just my surfing, but into everything I do daily. I have a few words to live by and I only put them on myself- get into creation and draw near to the creator, live by faith, show others grace, and take each day as a new adventure. I will be competing for a third consecutive East Coast title this year, and I am sure I will compete more often when I finish school, but looking to the future I see a different adventure for myself-one where I combine traveling, writing, helping the sick, and surfing rather than just competing. I am looking forward to that and am super stoked to be partnered with SurfEars along the way, as a surfer, and as a healthcare professional.

SurfEars is the first product that has adequately closed my ear canal and done so comfortably. Furthermore, they truly keep water out and let sound in- something I desperately need since I have hearing loss from surfing in extremely cold climates and constant ear infections from swimmers ear. A few other thoughts- SurfEars fit perfectly under a hood in the winter and do not fall out when uncovered in the summer. They are minimally invasive and do not cause any irritation to surrounding membrane or the ear canal. I would recommend this product over and over again.