Photo credits:

Ana Catarina

Ana Catarina Teles

Water Photographer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Ana Catarina discovered what really gave her shivers in 2013. She gave up stability and a peaceful life to discover new possibilities, new cultures, landscapes and stories that would take her breath away! Water photography was a passport to her freedom and to create images that combine her feelings and thoughts. “When I’m out in the ocean I just don’t feel only a connection. I feel I’m a part of it, adapting myself to the waves, feeling each wipeout and the water just running across my body. It’s the perfect way to feel I’m alive.”

She sees photography as the head of personal development and self-knowledge, as well as a personal way of telling stories that she experiences along the way. Seeking new horizons, the photography is her main dedication currently, full time. Motivating other girls to shoot in the water is another aim to keep her photographing and chasing her skills.


Documentary “Washed by the Sea”