Winter trip to Peniche (photo gallery)

Talented Welsh surfer Joseph Morris went to Peniche this past winter together with his coach Joel Grey of Surf Solutions and British surfer Jobe Harris. They scored some great surf among the many beach breaks around Peniche including Supertobos.

All photos by Luke Gartside.

IMG_9956 IMG_6223 IMG_0126
IMG_1002 IMG_1910


IMG_6237 IMG_6304

“There was also a day where we tried some twin fin & foamboards…it was so much fun but the wipeouts were mental.” 

IMG_9735 IMG_9704 IMG_9466 IMG_9363 IMG_7289 IMG_6630
IMG_4368 IMG_3561

“It was such a fun trip, I learnt loads from Jobe and the other boys were great. Can’t wait to visit again!” – Joseph Morris