Surfing Cornwall swells with Jenny Briant


When did you start surfing and how did it all begin?

I have grown up in a surfing family so my dad got me in the water pretty young- around 5 years old, and over time have just spent more and more time at the beach and in the water!

How old are you?


What does a regular day look like for you?

Well Cornwall is pretty consistent with waves normally so I sneak a surf in at Fistral before opening the surf school or take the dog for a run, then generally I organise the lessons for the morning and get to coach myself in the afternoon (on a good day can I have a surf over lunch) and then go for another surf after work.


What are your goals and dreams going forward?

There are always things I want to improve with my surfing and new things to learn, just want to see how far I push myself in surfing.

What are the main challenges with competing in surfing?

I am bad at remembering my wave count so need to constantly remind myself to keep a tally!

Why go from a shortboard to a longboard?

I enjoyed shortboarding but have always loved the smooth style of longboarding and the big turns, naturally I feel like my style is better suited to longboarding so it was an easy transition. I keep meaning to take my shortboard out more, but there always seems to be a wave I can longboard on!

Who inspires you? Any surfers you look up to?

I really love the classic longboard styles of people like Kassia Meador and Joel Tudor.

What’s your top surf spot so far? What wave have you not yet surfed?

I was lucky enough to be in Barbados at the start of this year and loved the waves we got to surf over there. Maycocks was a really fun wave so looking forward to going back there and surfing. There are too many waves I haven’t yet surfed!! Would love to go to the Maldives.


Except for surfing, what other interests do you have?

Surfing does take up most of my time but if there isn’t any surf I like running and swimming and partial to sewing a few things!

Do you think surfing is becoming a more mainstream and popular sport? Why/why not?

Yup I think it is becoming more popular, I think things such as the increased webcasts of the big events showcasing what can be done in surfing must help. Just from surfing myself and working in the surf school I think more people are getting into surfing, especially seeing lots more girls who rip in the lineup. I get to coach loads of improvers now which is great as it seems more people are deciding themselves to continue surfing.

Why do you love surfing?

So many reasons! Love the feeling of having a good surf, it is just a real buzz. Being in the water and getting to spend so much time outside. Also surfing seems to go hand in hand with amazing locations!

Why did you contact SurfEars, why do you need the product?

I have a perforated ear drum and slight surfer’s ear due to surfing so have to wear ear protection whenever I even think about going in the water & always encourage people to wear them themselves as I know the hassle having ear problems can cause. With coaching previously I only used one ear plug but because you can hear so well with SurfEars now I can always have both ears protected.