SurfEars 3.0

SurfEars, earplugs that let sound in and keep water out. They come with changeable parts in different sizes that allow you to customize them for your ears in order to find a comfortable and secure fit. Suitable for surfing, swimming, white water kayaking, diving, wake boarding  and other water activities.



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What's in the box

One Pair of SurfEars, pre assembled with medium gels, large wings and an adjustable leash

6 sealing gels, 2x size large, 2x size small, 2x size x-small

Two support wings, size small

An awesome storage case to keep them safe

Reviewed by :

Pro Surfer – Conner Coffin

“I’ve tried tons of ear plugs over the years, but SurfEars fit better and are more comfortable than any other plugs I’ve used.”

Proven Performance

SurfEars have far superior performance compared to other ear plugs.

SurfEars have close to zero acoustic loss in the frequency range of human speech while the best competitor cuts away about 20-30dB. To give you a reference, 30dB is roughly the difference between the loudest and lowest volume setting on your smartphone. That’s pretty big difference!

Trusted by Surfers

Blake Thornton

“They are the best solution to my ear problems on the market and I have tried them all!”

Tyler Warren

“I love them, I have tried just about every plug and these are light, easy to use, always stay in and you can still hear!”

Akira Jet Nakaura

“I think that SurfEars is essential to everyone who love surf for many years. Love SurfEars!!”

Your search for the perfect earplugs is over.

Only  49.95


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