New years day in Algarve

“While Nazaré and the northern big wave spots were on red alert we scored this empty coves by ourselves”, tells Algarve-based photographer João Bracourt and continues:

“We had a great forecast for the new years day in Algarve. We discussed what to do at marlon´s house and decided to stick around. We called it the penultimate supper, it was the day before new years eve. Zavial was big and the Guichard twins were on it. Gony got smashed at Mellow Loco, a crazy bar in Lagos owned my Marlon´s brother Melvin and only showed up in the afternoon. By that time we checked a more sheltered beach that had this incridible green barrels with an awsome light. We felt blessed to start the year in this beautiful fashion. Frederico Morais showed up a couple days later, but wasn´t so lucky.”

_BRK8041andrelang André Lang

_BRK8070joaockim J.Guchard

_BRK8212 J.Guchard


_BRK8399 Didi

_BRK8482 Gony

_BRK7974 Alex

_BRK8009 The penultimate supper.

_BRK9510 Marlon

_BRK9569 Gony

_BRK9616 Gony

© All photos by João Bracourt.