Marc Jacobs


Marc started kiteboarding at the age of 15. He delivered newspapers for three years to save up money to buy his first kite. For a year he just played around on the beach with it until he had the money to actually buy a board. Prior to kiteboarding Marc was an avid skateboarder and soccer player, but neither of those sports could compete with his new addiction for kiteboarding.

Marc was so addicted to the sport that he didn’t even realize he was missing out on regular teen activities, such as, high school parties, friends and girlfriends. Putting kiteboarding trips and activities at the top of his list of priorities came with the consequence of missing out on some regular parts of childhood. It was, however, the obvious choice for Marc who is an extremely driven athlete; giving something his all until he reaches his determined goal.





From the day Marc realized kiteboarding was his thing, he began to strive towards becoming the best in the world, which meant dedicating his whole life to the sport, something he continues to do to this day.


”Hard work pays off if you want it bad enough”




Today, the biggest challenge Marc faces is recovering from knee surgery and not being able to kite. Fortunately, he’s been spared from injuries for most of his career but after the 6th tour stop at PKRA he had his meniscus repaired, forcing him to take a break from kiting. Naturally he was a bit disappointed as he was in the running for the world title, but he’s looking forward to coming back stronger and better than ever!!




We’re stoked to have Marc as an ambassador for SurfEars!!