Log-riding and Coffee roasting in Nova Scotia

Dean Petty lives in a little house by the ocean in Nova Scotia with some of the best surf breaks of the area in his backyard. He owns a coffee roastary called Anchored Coffee and has his own signature Bing surfboard- called the Bueno life.
(All photos by @johntocallaghan)

Where did you grow up and what was it like growing up there?
I grew up in Southern Maine, a place called Kittery Point. It was the best place to grow up; fun surf, lots of fishing and endless other activities to do on the water.

How did you get into surfing?
It was something I always wanted to try and I bugged my mom to drive me to the local surf shop and I spent all the money I had saved to buy an old board and wetsuit. I was hooked immediately.

Many people see surfing as a sport, some as an art, others as a culture and so forth. How do you view surfing?
As fun!


You got your own signature model of Bing Surfboards, please tell us more.
It’s called the Bueno Life – Matt (Owner/shaper) and I developed the Bueno Life model with East coast log-riding in mind. The Board is ideal for point surf and tapered peelers. The Bueno is ultra resonsive in the turn department, provides great lift and stability when on the nose, goes great off the bottom and trims with the best of em’. With a pronounced nose concave and a wide moon tail, the Bueno offers up the perfect balance between loggy and loose. I really wanted to create the perfect log for the Northeast. Im so stoked on how the board performs.

How did you end up in Nova Scotia?
I came up to Nova Scotia to go to university. I had always heard of the point surf that this place has on tap growing up in Maine, but never got to experience it. I visited a few different universities near surf, but the people and landscape of Nova Scotia really spoke to me. Ive been here for 11 years now and love it more than ever.

What do you like the most about living in Nova Scotia? 
I love it here. Its pretty quite. There is lots of space to get out of town and find some really beautiful terrain. I also love the vibe of the Northeast, people have grit. And I like that.


Tell us about anchored coffee!
Anchored Coffee is great coffee with no vibe. My business partner (Zane Kelsall) and I work really hard to source and roast ethical coffees. This is what’s written on the back of the bag and this pretty much sums up what we are all about:  We roast coffee we’re proud of. Transparently Sourced. Carefully developed. Consistently delicious. We work hard, have fun, and love what we do.

Do you have other skill sets or areas of passion?
I like to build things. I have been renovating my house for the last 4 years. Its been a pretty cool process to watch it slowly come together.

What does your ideal day look like?
Wake up. Drink Coffee. Go for a surf with my pals. Fire up the BBQ. Hang on the deck. Then maybe surf again. And have a fire and some beers.


Why are you an ambassador for SurfEars and how did that relationship begin?
My friend and amazing photographer Nick Lavecchia introduced me and my brother to them. Surfing in the Northeast poses the perfect environment for ear bone growth. I always hated wearing traditional plugs. But love the Surfears.

Quote to live by/ closing quote
Make fun a priority.


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