SurfEars & Friends | Downwind SUP Foiling Camp

El Medano, Tenerife. March 17-20, 2024

Downwind SUP Foiling Is Hard, Very Hard.
Learning Together Makes It Easier.

Downwind SUP foiling is an amazing sport, crowned by many as the pinnacle of all water sports. However, it’s also an activity that is extremely hard to learn.

That’s why we created SurfEars & Friends Downwind Camp. By learning together and getting help from the people who already master this amazing sport, SUP downwind foiling becomes more accessible and way more fun than struggling on your own.

Jon Mann, foiler and SurfEars ambassador downwind sup foiling at the 2023 French Open Downwind race

Come Learn Downwinding With Us!

Professional Coaching, Warm Waters and Steady Tradewinds Makes For An Unforgettable Experience

What Is Included

Four action packed days of DW training and theory

Guided downwind runs

Safety boat for the longer runs

Professional coaching by Jon Mann, @jon_.mann

Local guiding by Aday Cabrera Medina, @foil_dreaming

Good times with an awesome crew of likeminded foilers


Price: 500€ per person

What Is Not Included

Book your own flights and accommodation.
Bring your own gear.
Airport transfer to and from El Medano.
Renting your own car is recommended for ease of getting around.

If you are traveling alone we can help you find accommodation with other camp participants.

What To Bring

Downwind SUP board to fit your skill level.
Foils: a large high- or mid/high aspect front wing for the lighter days and a smaller one for the windier days.
SUP paddle, mast (75-85 cm), fuse (not too short), stab(s) and tools.

Recommended Safety Gear

Personal floatation device (PFD).
Mobil phone and water proof pouch.
High visibility rashgard.
Sun protection and a surf hat.

Required Skill Level

Comfortably standing up and paddling straight on your DW board.
Ability to catch small waves.

Travel Tips

The Location: El Medano

El Médano in Tenerife, Canary Islands, is a renowned hub for wind sports, and recently downwind SUP foiling. Known for its windsurfing and kiting heritage, the town offers ideal conditions with consistent trade winds and varied water terrains, catering to both beginners and pros in foiling.

With its extensive coastline and clear waters, El Médano is perfect for downwind foiling, providing a wide variety of runs and accommodating different skill levels. The area’s beauty, from the iconic Montaña Roja to tranquil coastal paths, enhances the experience. Its friendly, welcoming atmosphere, rooted in a rich water sports history, makes El Médano not just a destination but a community for foiling enthusiasts. Here, the thrill of downwind foiling blends seamlessly with the charm of a town that lives and breathes wind sports.

Nearest Airport: Tenerife South

Tenerife South Airport (TFS), conveniently located just a short drive from El Médano, serves as your gateway to this windsurfing paradise. It offers a range of international and domestic flights, making it accessible from various locations.

Packing Your Gear

When packing your SUP foil gear, prioritize protection. Use a Longboard travel coffin or a similar sturdy case designed for longboards to safeguard your board and foil during transit. Also, consider packing repair kits, an extra leash, and any personal safety equipment.

Other Activities

El Médano and its surroundings offer a variety of activities for times both on and off the water. If the wind is down, there’s great prone or SUP surfing just around the corner. Winging in El Medano is also world class.
Indulge in local cuisine at beachside cafes and restaurants, where fresh seafood and traditional Spanish dishes are a must-try. Explore the local wine scene with a visit to nearby vineyards or wine tastings in town, experiencing the unique flavors of Canary Island viticulture.

Exploring Tenerife

Beyond El Médano, Tenerife boasts a plethora of attractions. Here’s a small selection:

Teide National Park: Home to Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak, offering breathtaking views and hiking trails.

Historic Towns: Discover the charming old towns of La Laguna and Garachico, rich in history and architecture.

Beaches and Cliffs: Explore the island’s diverse beaches, from black volcanic sands to golden shores, and the stunning Los Gigantes cliffs.

Safety and Insurance Responsibilities:

Please note that participants are fully responsible for their own safety during the camp and must have appropriate travel insurance covering water sports, including foiling. SurfEars accepts no liability for personal injuries or accidents. Ensure your insurance covers all potential risks associated with these activities. Your safety and preparation are paramount.