Conner Coffin Joins SurfEars as a Global Ambassador

SurfEars and Creatures of Leisure (our global distributor of SurfEars) are stoked to announce the signing of Conner Coffin as a global ambassador, alongside 2x World champ Tom Carroll. Together, we are on a worldwide mission to helping surfers and extreme water athletes protect their ears while staying fully connected to their environment.

Conner is a 25-year-old accomplished and stylish competitive surfer from Santa Barbara, California and is currently the top-ranked USA surfer in the world, after finishing 7th on the WSL Jeep Leaderboard during the 2018 competitive season.

Coffin spends a majority of his days in the water, both competing and training for events. He knows the importance of effective and comfortable earplugs in order to prevent painful and common issues like surfers ear. Coffin comes from a long line of surfers, some of which have experienced ear troubles, something Conner is preventing by partnering with SurfEars.

“I’ve been wearing ear plugs for the last several years when I surf. My uncle, dad and brother have all had surfers ear surgery and I’m doing my best to prevent it!”

As a top competitor on the world’s largest stage, Conner is required to have a keen sense of his surroundings while in the water; that means hearing judges scores, coaches whistles, reading lineups and being fully present while in the water, with no discomfort or barriers. With SurfEars’ innovative technology, Coffin is able to protect his ears while hearing everything he needs to in order to succeed competitively. “I’ve really enjoyed surfing with SurfEars. They’re more comfortable compared to other ear plug options and I can hear better with them which is crucial for me!”

SurfEars founder Christian Dittrich is thrilled to have Coffin join the team and has been working with Conner on some new and exciting product innovations leading up to the 2019 competitive season,

“Being a surfer since 25 years myself and spending a lot of time in cold water, I know first hand about the ear related issues many surfers face. We are on a mission to help surfers worldwide protect their ears while staying fully connected to their environment, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our product.I can’t think of a person better than Conner to support us in that mission, and we’re very happy to have him on the team. Together we’ve been working on a new product, which we’ll unveil, to the world in the near future. We can’t share any details yet, but I can say that it will be some of the best ear protection for surfers that’s ever been out there.”

SurfEars officially welcomes Conner to the team and looks forward to watching him compete throughout the 2019 WSL season, which will commence April 27th on the Gold Coast of Australia.

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