Chatting to ambassador Nick Holmgren

Nick Holmgren


We’re excited about having Nick Holmgren as our new ambassador for SurfEars!





Aussie born Nick spent his first years growing up north of Sydney before moving to Sweden. At age 17 he discovered waves could actually be found in chilly Scandinavia and took up surfing again. We’re lucky he did, since he’s now the head of the Swedish Surfing Association and coaching the Swedish team for the European Surfing Championships.





Why SurfEars? Nick has had problems with tinnitus and the beginnings of surfer’s ear. He tried the plugs while surfing cold water in Norway and tells us he’s especially happy about being able to wear a hood without feeling uncomfortable. After finding the right size, the plugs work well even in big wipeouts.



We asked Nick what he does when he’s not surfing. Music is important to him and during summer nights you’ll find him playing accoustic guitar in a bar on the west coast of Sweden.