Photo credits:

Richard Koch and Cory Scott

Paige Hareb

Surfer, Taranaki, New Zealand

Hey I’m Paige Hareb, first New Zealander (kiwi) female to qualify for the World Tour. Won the Margaret River Pro in 08 that helped me qualify for the tour. I didn’t think I would be a pro surfer as I loved and excelled at many other sports such as basketball, soccer, skiing and everything in between! Surfing was a “fun” relaxing thing for me and it wasn’t until I got my first sponsor stickers at the age of 14 that I realised I could become a pro surfer. I’m competitive so it was meant to be and I’ll still try beat you in everything else! :P

I’m stubborn and never thought I’d actually get ‘surfers ear’ and hate the feeling of having stuff in my ears that made me not hear anything apart from my own breathe! I love how SurfEars stay in your ears without having to worry about them falling out and I can still hear people when talking to them! I can concentrate on my friends and surfing again instead of my silly blocked ears haha thanks SurfEars! The Best.