Nuno Silva

Fisherman, Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal

Nuno Silva, was born in 1975 and fish since 2011, and “only” started sending lures to the Atlantic in May 2012. The sea is my second home, is part of my life since very young, I have a relationship with him very special and with mutual respect. This style of fishing is above all my refuge where I forget everything else and is solely focused on the moment that I am living. Who fishing with me knows for sure explain better than I my way of being in fishing, the anxiety that living the moments before entering the sea, even see the stranded stones where nobody else sees and how I am focused on collecting the artificial. The places where i fish, commonly called stranded or bollards are always 150 meters or more from the coast, some hard to reach and others a bit more affordable, always with the sea who dictates the rules. Understanding the sea and see what gives us is the greatest secret of fishing in places where I am isolated in the middle of the Atlantic, i have to know to understand my limits and understand what the information the sea gives me, so it takes all the concentration, fight with a good-sized Sea Bass on a rock with waves of one meter is something that has no explanation, but I can not describe, I think that anyone who has passion for fishing and respects the environment where we fish does not require very detailed explanations .. .. fishing is another of the pieces that fill the puzzle of my growth as a human being.

Since 2014 I am member of the Team Fiiish Portugal.

Be in the water with protected ears while you can hear everything around us is fantastic . The SurfEars not affect the sense of balance , in extreme fishing situations is very important .