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Bruno, Benjamin Boyer & Younes Taha Bouamri

Majd Amine

Pro Bodyboarder, Kenitra, Morocco

I’m Majd Amine, a pro Bodyboarder from Morocco. I started this sport in 2005 in Mehdia Beach the cradle of surf in Morocco! I’m 9th in the European ranking in 2015. My plan for 2016 is to enter the 3 events of the European Tour of Bodyboard in France and Azores and Morocco to better my result, as well as some events from the APB world tour in Brazil, Portugal, and Canaries and my goal is to make it to the top 24! I want to thanks SurfEars for their support wich is a real boost to my motivation!

SurfEars are the best earplugs ever, they keep water out so my ears are safe all time and they let the sound in and that’s what I like the most about’em because it’s so Important to hear scores in competitions!