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All photos: Josh Humbert except Photo of Josh with fish by Andy Bardon (

Josh Humbert

Photographer, Spear-fisherman & Surfer, Portland, OR

Josh Humbert is an internationally recognized photographer represented by National Geographic’s stock agency Nat Geo Creative. His first published photographs came from time swimming in the lineup at Teahupo’o, Tahiti where he lived with his family for ten years. His connection to Tahiti began at age two when the sailboat he grew up on dropped anchor in Ahe, an atoll in the far northern corner of the Tuamotu Archipelago. Many years later, he would start a black pearl farm with his father on Ahe atoll and together they would pioneer sustainable pearl farming. Josh’s passion for farming pearls ecologically has also been the fuel for much of his photography. Having traveled to 34 countries, his world view is global and he finds inspiration and beauty everywhere. He will forever be connected to French Polynesia but life has taken him to a colder version of paradise in Portland, OR. There he continues his photographic pursuits, working with commercial clients in salmon conservation and civil engineering. He is also very active, pursuing his life-long loves of surfing and spearfishing. He holds the current title of Oregon state spearfishing champ. He’s married to Celeste Brash, an internationally known travel writer for Lonely Planet guide books. He has two children, Jasmine age 20 and Tevai age 18.