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Erik Schwab (@saltyvisionz), Tin Ojeda (@Dirtymovies)

John Angiulo

Professional Surf Educator, Montauk, NY and Rincon, Puerto Rico

I’m a Professional Surf Educator from Montauk New York. Growing up in an unorthodox surf region led me towards this unique surf niche. The culture of the city, the long winter months and the various wave types on long island lead me towards a philosophy of diversity and from that I was able to meet an exceptionally wide range of people and help them to understand surfing on their own terms. From that I’ve been hired to work all over the world, from Costa Rica, to Puerto Rico, to California and beyond. My greatest highlight was being commissioned to work on the Indies Trader IV for three weeks in the Mentawaii’s. After years of instruction I then combined my passion for surfing, teaching and writing to create A Word On Waves: the book for beginning to surf, which has been featured in the Surfline buyers guide and has received praise from ESM’s literary review. Now I’m expanding my reach in surf education so that I can help people all over the world to see the depths of surfing and the way it can positively alter every aspect of life.