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the Outsider (@photographyoutsider)

João Sousa Ferreira

Bodyboarder, Lisbon, Portugal

Hi! My name is João Sousa Ferreira, I’m a 16 years old bodyboarder and I live in Carcavelos, Lisbon, Portugal. It all started when I was 11 years old. I remember I was very scared of the sea… I started to practice more often and went to the first competitions. Firstly, it was very bad because I couldn’t pass the first round but when I start going to more and more competitions, the results started to show up. Today I am the European Vice-Champion of the Junior division, 2x National Champion of the Portugal Cup and Vice-Champion of the Junior National Tour (Under 16). This year is going to be my first year at the under-18 divison and I’ve got to work hard to beat the older competitors. I’m very motivated. If you want to follow my activity as a bodyboarder please go to my Instagram and follow me (@joaosousaferreira) and give me a like and some comments on my Facebook athlete page which is João Ferreira – Bodyboard. Cheers!