Joan Bonet

SUP Surfer, Mallorca, Spain

Working as a skyper on a boat in summer, always stuck to the sea. the winter months fully dedicate my passion surf, paddle surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding and especially travel, to enjoy good waves and see the world and people. My passions besides the sea is the picture with which I share most of time at the same time the sport.

Instructor stand up paddle surf, my beginnings were in the surf in the Mediterranean, and with 15 years having been born on an island, which leaves us sometimes good sessions wave decided in the surfing world, now 9 years paddle surf instructor, Since the beginning of paddle surf in Mallorca until this day, which still combining SUP surfing. although I recognize that Mallorca is best for longboard and paddle surfing.

Competitions Paddle surf waves:
Spain SUP Championship 2012
Catalunya Championship 2012 – 3rd classified
Catalunya Championship 2013 – 2nd place
Tarifa Championship, 2012
World tour La Torche (France).

From my point of view which was going through hard times in my life due to ear infections because of problems of wind and sea salt, because of the mark, I’m back where I was born, the sea is now again in my blood . Being ambassador of this great brand, it makes enthusiasm for the sport is still in the top of interior, and through social networks and friends to publicize this wonderful product, which allows you while you are in the water, allows a perfect balance as the sound enters but the water is out.