All Our Waves are Water – Book Review

Jaimal Yogis, a surfer, writer and spiritual seeker, takes the reader along on his journey towards enlightenment and barreling waves. All our waves are water is Yogis second memoir (Saltwater Buddha was the first) covering a certain period of his life starting in his early twenties. If you are looking for adventurous surfing and traveling stories Williams Finnegan’s “Barbarian Days” might a better choice, as this book is more about Jaimal’s spiritual journey. However, with episodes in Puerto Escondido, Bali and San Francisco’s Ocean Beach, there is a fair share of surfing as well. The book is loaded with wise quotes and interesting thoughts. To give you an idea here is an excerpt from the book:

“…we too are an illusion, a mirage. And the solar system and galaxy and universe around us, all made of tiny subatomic waves, are spiraling wavelike mirages. Realizing this on an experimental level is, they say, what a Buddha sees. It’s why Buddha can enjoy bliss and be unbothered by loss. But usually, we are so caught in the force and swirl of the illusion, we don’t have any ability to see through it – to see that it’s hollow at its core.

The magic of the tube, however, is that, well it is already hollow at its core. And there you are, still and poised in the belly of the swirl, unified with it, but also outside its relentless karma. You are one with its force. But unmoved by its force. Seeing the emptiness of everything while enjoying the everything.
Granted, this is a heady metaphor. Maybe a stretch. But seeing the tattooed tube master reminded me how much I wanted wanted to learn how to do what he was doing “

About the Author:
Jaimal Yogis is an outdoorsman, award-winning writer, and frequent teacher. His previous book Salt Water Buddha turned into a feature documentary film for which you can see the teaser below. Between these two memoirs he wrote a book called The Fear Project  where he investigates fear and surfing 40 ft Mavericks is a part of his exploration. Yogis is also  articles that has been printed The Washington Post, The Atlantic, ESPN Magazine, the Surfer’s Journal and along many others.