World Record by Anke

After 30 hours and twenty minutes on the water Anke Brandt broke her own world record, as the longest distance kitesurfing. According to a GPS tracker she surfed 491.7km, and now its just Guinness approvement that is missing before it’s official. Congrats Anke!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 5.21.08 PM DSC01673

The trip in numbers:

  • Ankes GPS tracker 491.7km kitesurfing
  • 30.33h on the water with the Kite
  • 32h total trip until we reached immigration
  • 20h spend in Immigration
  • 2h celebrating before everyone collapsed
  • 507miles for the boat from Bahrain to Abu Dhabi and back to Bahrain
  • 2500USD raised