Jessie on Tenerife

Jessica Tuckman about her trip to Tenerife:
The Canary Islands are great for surf trips! Each island has a different vibe and they are have lots of reef breaks which offer a variety of different waves to suit the changing conditions throughout the year. I decided to take a trip in June so picked Tenerife as the South Westerly’s come through at this time and there are exposed surf spots to pick up that swell.
I stayed in Playa Las Americas which is a surf and party city. It was great for the close by surf but also it was a good idea to hire a car as the swells switched halfway through and we road tripped up north daily.
Normally, I go to the Canary Islands in the winter because they have much bigger waves then, so this was my first summer trip there. I think I was quite lucky to get the waves I did as it isn’t that consistent in summer. But if you are just after an easy, laid back small wave surf trip then it is a great idea.