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Delivery time

Delivery takes between 2 and 6 business days within US, Europe and Oceania. For other locations it might take up to 15 business days.


Delivery rates when ordering one set of SurfEars:

Country                 Rate

United States         €2.98
United Kingdom    €5.20
Australia                 €5.70
New Zealand          €5.70
Portugal                  €7.25
Spain                       €7.25
Rest of EU               €8.25
Rest of the world   €9-15

Delivery rates are calculated in realtime for each order, why they can change little due to exchange rates etc. The prices and delivery times above are for ground delivery with USPS, Royal Mail or Australia Post. Express delivery can always be selected for a higher price. All delivery options for your location will be displayed at the checkout page. When ordering 2 or more sets ground delivery is free.

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